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121 Fitness & Health logo121 Fitness & Health offers female-focused, friendly personal training that is perfect for mums and produces fantastic long-term results. It was founded by female fitness specialist Rachel Law who has many years’ experience training women through early and late pregnancy, early postnatal and beyond, all the way through to the menopausal years. Rachel’s approach is effective because she understands women’s metabolism and therefore what exercise and nutrition will work best … and she will help you find the motivation to make a real change. You can even take your baby along to your training sessions, so no excuses!

Rachel offers workshops, partner training, and some specialised programmes, but her core service is individualised personal training. This broadly falls into three areas:

  • – Achieving sustainable fat loss. This is always a key area that Rachel’s clients want to work on, and she creates bespoke nutrition and exercise plans to lose fat and improve health and wellbeing. This isn’t about eating less, but about making healthier choices for life, and when it comes to exercise, variety and enjoyment is key.
  • – Building muscle, toning up, improving fitness. Rachel helps her clients to improve core stability and range of motion, creating a faster, stronger, toned and more flexible body.
  • – Helping mums feel body confident. During pregnancy, exercise helps women keep fit and strong, avoid excessive weight gain, guard against gestational diabetes and alleviate pregnancy-related aches and pains. Postnatally, it is important to target posture, the abdominals, core and pelvic floor muscles, helping to trim a few inches and boost energy levels.

As well as training, Rachel offers two-hour pregnancy and postnatal workshops for groups of mum-friends. Workshops cover what happens to the body during pregnancy and postnatally, suitable exercises, nutritional plans, and a home exercise programme.

121 Fitness & Health can be found at Training Works, 120 St Margaret’s Road, St Margaret’s TW1 2AA. For more information, you can call Rachel on 080 8168 7869, email her, or contact via her online contact form.


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  • Rachel has been a critical partner and motivator throughout my health transformation. Over 3 years of working with with her has resulted in measurable and sustainable improvements in my lifestyle and fitness. Her friendly, practical approach and balance of support and challenge has made PT sessions and circuits easy to look forward to and prioritise in my schedule and budget. She has deep knowledge and experience and is always looking to build her knowledge of nutrition and how the body works into how she works with clients. Bringing various injuries and all the changes that came along with motherhood to the gym, I completely trust that I’m in good hands with Rachel. She also really gets the practical challenges of fitting exercise in with work and children. I enthusiastically recommend Rachel to anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

  • “After two pregnancies I was looking to kick-start my motivation to exercise. Rachel helped me to achieve that and much more. A combination of diet and exercise enabled me to become significantly stronger, achieve focused fat loss and, most importantly, learn to trust my body again. Rachel kept the sessions challenging, interesting and varied. I highly recommend her.”

  • “Rachel worked with me at a personal trainer before, during and after IVF treatment – and then weekly throughout my pregnancy. There were many tense weeks, during which I wanted to work out some stress, feel normal, get stronger and healthier, look after my baby and take no risks, and get ready for delivery – and with Rachel’s guidance I felt able to do all this. I found myself at 35 weeks still strong and comfortable enough to be working out pretty strenuously – in great company, with someone kind, encouraging and experienced (as a mother as well as a trainer!). I was able to pick up exercise with her fairly soon after my baby arrived, and start working back down to my usual weight. At a very happy but challenging time, my sessions with Rachel have been a bit if a lifeline – and I can’t recommend her strongly enough!”

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