Be Hird Therapy

Be Hird TherapyBe Hird Therapy offers emotional support for new parents.

People have always been aware of the external physical changes that take place for a woman during pregnancy and after giving birth, but recent research and advances in brain imagery have shown us that significant physiological changes are also occurring in the brain of a pregnant woman or new mother.

Be Hird TherapyIt follows that just as a woman can experience physical discomfort and pain due to the changes that are taking place in her body during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, she is also vulnerable to emotional pain during this transition. Heightened empathic attunement (being emotionally ‘in tune’ with your child) and a greater awareness of potential dangers may serve well to keep a child safe, but can be extremely overwhelming for an under-supported mother. Outcomes can include increased anxiety or panic, a feeling of disconnect or depression and in some cases psychosis, all of which are logical responses to the extreme emotions becoming a mother can involve.

Be Hird TherapyAnnabelle Hird, MBACP, of BeHird Therapy, believes that new parents need a certain level of support that in most cases they are simply not getting. Having trained at London’s Tavistock & Portman and qualified at The Gestalt Centre, Annabelle works with postnatal depression charity, Cocoon Family Support, youth counselling charity, and Off The Record, and combines this with her own private practice – Be Hird Therapy  – which operates from Movers & Shapers in St Margarets .

Annabelle works with a broad client base presenting with varied issues including feeling sad, generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder, relationship issues, and seasonal affective disorder. She believes passionately in the power of an empathetic, supportive therapeutic relationship.

Be Hird TherapyWhilst she is experienced with, and enjoys continuing to work with, clients struggling with many issues, her area of particular interest is perinatal mental health and she runs a free peer support group for new parents on Monday mornings. Space is limited to please email to find out more and to secure a spot.

Be Hird Therapy is based at Movers & Shapers, 125 St Margarets Road, St Margarets TW1 1RG. You can find out more on the Be Hird Therapy website, or Annabelle can be contacted by emailing You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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